After visiting the National Retail Hardware Show in Las Vegas to see how vendors are adapting to the changes in technology and the marketplace, we will briefly share this recent experience as well as announce another Gutenberg-driven website that recently went live.

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Sea-Dog Website

Recently we had the opportunity to develop Sea-Dog Line's new website. This National Marine Hardware manufacturer has been managing its product content with Gutenberg, but this phase of development focused on updating the functionality and search-ability of their online product content.

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QR Codes, Minilogs, and Adapting Content
SP's experience at the National Retail Hardware Show

Several of our clients suggested that SP attend this annual trade show which includes several thousand exhibitors marketing their products and services to both independent and big box retailers. This industry generates billions of dollars each year and typically struggles with content and how to publish it. We thought it would be a good opportunity for us to learn and hopefully discover how this industry is adapting to a changing customer, who is getting their product information from a variety of technologies. Our top three discoveries include the adoption of QR Codes, expanded use of Minilogs and Product Sheets, and adapting to a changing content environment.

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Last Century Icon Fading into the Past

The last office typewriter manufacturer has finally closed its doors after the markets in India moved to the PC. Godrej & Boyce began in the 1950's and provided sturdy machines that were available in multiple languages. Even though they stopped building typewriters in 2009, the last of their stock just sold out. A company in New Jersey still manufactures the portable typewriter, mostly for prisons, and may be the last manufacturer. For those of us that were introduced to a keyboard via the typewriter, we say thank you for QWERTY and say farewell.


May 20th is Bike to Work Day.


The Gutenberg Publishing System's® namesake, Johannes Gutenberg, defined modern publishing when he blended 1400’s ink, type and mechanical technology to invent the moveable type press. With the same drive towards efficiency, Seattle Publishing’s database-driven system helps organizations manage their information and streamline the production process for print- and web-based publications.

Seattle Publishing, Inc. is a 36-year old company that blends current technology with time-tested publishing techniques. The company is a recognized leader in database-driven publishing and is constantly working to be the standard by which all competitors are compared.

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